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Anti censorshipi don’t know what I’ll draw next so be warned anything could be drawn. But you won’t find scat or anything going in and out of an asshole that doesn’t involve a dick, fist or toy.

Aiko, F, staight, 16She’s a hedonist who enjoys trash tv, drama (especially involving alt fashion influencers), anime, hentai, pop and Kpop. She doesn’t care much for studying and hates pretentious guys except for her brother whom she’s had a crush on since she was 12. Her favourite past times include watching anime in bed with her brother, trash talking on lolcow threads and lurking on 4chan and sleeping. She can be quite flirtatious around gross dudes.


  • Gossip/drama

  • Adam sandler movies

  • Cats

  • Spicy food

  • Trash tv

  • Risky behaviour

  • Horror

  • Action films

  • Anime (slice of life, comedy, shonen, idols)

  • Alt fashion

  • Shopping (for plushies and cute items)

  • Trolling anonymously

  • Light walks

  • Travel

  • Photography

  • Kpop, pop, rap, Jpop, anime openings, game soundtracks


  • Pretentiousness

  • Philosophy

  • Difficult manly sports (likes cardio and light workouts)

  • Maths

  • Rules

  • Hard work

  • Bro looking at other girls

  • Drugs

  • Country, classical, jazz


  • DDLG

  • Incest

  • Masochist

  • Edging

  • Overstimulation

  • Cheating

  • Non-con

  • Older guys

  • Trashy boys

Kaito, M, bi, 18

A slightly cocky teen who enjoys philosophy, politics and hentai. He has a nihilistic outlook but despite his dismal beliefs he tends to put a good effort into his academic studies and enjoys small pleasures such as anime and hentai. He likes to spend his free time sculpting figurines and drawing. In the evening he dedicates time to watching anime with his sister which tends to get him riled up for later on in the night. He looks down on vapid people and can be misogynistic at times, only respecting fictional girls and his little sister.


  • Anime ( existential 80s anime, shonen, idols, slice of life, satoshi kon’s work)

  • Art/indie films

  • Philosophy

  • Politics

  • Ramen

  • Sweets/ Japanese candy

  • Gore

  • Horror

  • Indie RPG games

  • Cats

  • Reading

  • Sculpting

  • Dark/deadpan/sarcastic/witty/ controversial comedy


  • E-thots

  • Phoniness

  • Spicy food

  • Socialising

  • Crowds

  • Dumb people

  • Drugs

  • Rom coms


  • DDLG

  • Incest

  • BDSM

  • Sadist

  • Hentai type stuff

  • Non-con

  • Breath play

  • Traps

  • lolis


20 year old with psychopathic tendencies and anger issues. Is seen as charismatic yet oddly distant but is recognised as being fake by his bullies and his brother. He can be very manipulative and has often played with people's emotions to get out of situations. He has a lot of pent up anger which he mostly releases through exercise, shooting and his dark sexual fantasies. Having been bullied in his youth along with his brother, he eventually decided he didn't want to be treated as inferior, leading to him getting swole and learning to shoot a gun as well as self defence. Despite ending his bullying after beating the crap out of his bullies and just having people respect him just for having a more imposing physical aspect, his loathing for people did not leave him, and he has a general distaste for humanity believing everyone is fake. He’s narcissistic, believing he's superior to most people and enjoys exerting that dominance through having sadomasochistic sexual relations with his weaker younger brother. He feels his brother is the only thing he can have complete control over. He always appears to be nice with girls, even managing to date a few, however, after getting frustrated without being able to treat them in a sadistic manner and therefore not being able to stay hard during sex, he ends up leaving them. He has a Darwinian mentality, he despises the weak because it's a reminder of what he use to be, he isn't vocal about any of this except with his brother, but he is quite passionate about it despite his silence. In general, he doesn’t see much value in people but he can grow to respect people who put effort into being healthy and leading a good life, just like he managed to do, however it can turn into a burning envy for that person. He hates people who whine about their lot in life and believes that if they just worked harder they'd be in the same position he's in. The only person he likes with the traits he dislikes is his brother, in fact it's what makes him deeply attracted to him, as well as how he can be completely honest with him when most people would shun him for being his honest self. He takes good care of himself, works out regularly, engages in sports, has a part time job, eats healthily and has good hygiene. His downfalls often lie in watching and jerking off to snuff films, rape scenes in films and generally intaking a radical doctrine from online forums and people who enable his belief, for example his brother. He also doesn’t really feel like putting an effort into friendships, often doing the bare minimum so that his connections don’t completely dissolve, hence why he’s seen as distant.


like Kevin he was bullied but never decided to do anything about it, opting for escapism as a way to deal with his trauma. He became more of a recluse, spending most of his time online playing games, talking to strangers online, browsing forums, reading manga, watching anime and exposing himself to a lot of hentai. Despite the misogynistic implication of the porn, he found himself relating more to the female figures of the rape fantasies he came across, perhaps a subconscious way of copying with the bullying which eventually developed into full flegged kinks for noncon, bdsm and masochism. His views are quite nihilistic and he sees no future for myself, hoping he’ll just die sooner rather than later. He thinks everything is pointless but at the same time doesn't want to be a burden on the loving family who adopted him so he does put a good effort into his studies, he's very smart intellectually but doesn't have the common sense to look after himself or perhaps he doesn't have the willpower to do so either. He spends most of his time in his room located in the basement. He's a little anemic due to his bad diet consisting mostly of ramen and monster drinks. He’s also slightly deficient in vitamin d due to not going out much. He suffers from occasional back pains due to bad posture whilst studying and gaming. He doesn't smell bad but it's incredibly hygienic, sometimes not showering for up to a week.
He can find himself staring aimlessly into space, fantasising about the better life he could have instead of actively doing anything about it, something his brother teases and bullies him for, yet makes no attempt to teach him how to get better. He is likely suffering for depression but has not been diagnosed and receives no help for how he feels. The high points of his existence are when his brother abuses him be it physically, mentally or sexually, unlike when strangers do it, he feels incredibly elated about being his brothers own personal punching bag, he feels it’s the only thing that gives him purpose and enjoys thinking he’s the only one who can make his brother truly happy. To a degree, he feels this way due to being groomed by his brother from a young age, Kevin has caused a lot of conflicting thoughts in Hiro, going from protecting him from bullies to being the one who abuses him. He works part time at a fast food joint where everyone generally tries to avoid him. Finally, he’s not much of a talker and is very soft spoken, unless he’s gaming.